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Blue de grand Feu

​命脈メイミャク―大地と宇宙につながる生命いのち [ 陶  110×160cm 2018年] 





美しい存在を穏やかな未来につ なぎたい。

Drawing pictures and doing hand-made crafts has been the best means of self-expression for me since I was a young child.
After learning traditional ceramic art at Tokyo University of Arts for nine years, 
I further more learned about European ceramics in France.
All these experiences fused, something fresh arose among me newly which strongly attracted me.
I like the unique textures and original colors in pottery and ceramics. I wanted to try to combine  these attributes between drawing and ceramics.
When I went back to Japan, I started to challenge  the ability to shape my admiration for this in my mind. I call it "Molding Drawing by Ceramics".
Though what I was eager to express is yet vague and ambiguous, I'd like to continue to challenge such attractive works.